“Steve Kiges is a coach of coaches.  He is a game-changer and a life-changer!  He quickly sees patterns and asks insightful questions that have moved me quickly into realizing and understanding a number of chronic issues.  I’ve had several coaches (trained by Byron Katie, Martha Beck and Tony Robbins) over my career and Steve is the best by far.”
Victoria L. Travis, MS, CPC  – Executive Recruiter and Coach

Steve, as my teacher and trainer you helped me grow in confidence, stimulated my passion and inspired me. I have embraced the methods you shared and know they will assist me in getting greater results. Thank you for understanding my goals and helping me achieve them.
Glenvil Gregory, Social Worker  St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

“BJ is effective because he can make communicate difficult things by using simple words and giving practical story
.    BJ runs programs step by step, they are focused, easy to understand and ready to practice
.   BJ has good coaching skills, understanding, care and concern for his coachee. 
Personally, I like BJ’s style because he can apply the Western methodology with Thai people effectively”
Narongwit Saentong, People Value Co.

“I attended BJ’s coaching session and I highly recommend his services. He was able to demonstrate how to marry career goals with personal goals, so that you excel in both areas.” March 25, 2011
Jennifer Pickering,  Lawyer

Steve, thank you so much for your advanced training and guidance.  Your honesty and directness have been invaluable to me.  It was an eye opener showing me how I can explore deeper into a problem area and assist clients to change and grow faster.  I have made tremendous improvement as a coach and feel much more confident with clients.
Astrigt Schalkawijk – Assistant Director, St. Martins Vocational Training School

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