Coach Training Scholarships

The Coach Training Academy Scholarship Assistance Program

The Scholarship Assistance Program is setup to help those students that can not attend our school due to financial difficulties. We do not want to see talented, caring individuals turned away from the coaching profession due to limited funding.

To create this fund, the school contributes 10% of school revenues to the scholarship program in addition to private donations from past graduates and private contributors.

Funding is limited, however we do encourage you to apply if money is the only reason you are being held back from attending the academy. Our goal is to have 2 seats per month where financial assistance is available however we cannot guarantee this.

Our Scholarships are gifts, not loans and do not need to be paid back. However, as a way of giving back many of our coaches that obtained training through a scholarship make a donation to the fund once they have their successful coaching practice up and running.

Students receiving scholarship receive exactly the same training as the rest of the student body. These are private, confidential awards; only the school administration is aware of the arrangement.

Scholarship requirement may change time to time and cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Because we understand that sometimes finances can get in the way of dreams, we have a limited number of coach training scholarships available. Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. More >>

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