Why Certified Training is Important

While the coaching profession is established it is still fairly new as compared to other businesses.   As with all professions it is critical to set training standards so the public can be assured of receiving quality services.

Therefore when The Philippine Coach Training School was being formed it was important for our schools curriculum to be accredited by the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA).  The CCA is a  international body for the coaching profession and has been responsible for setting coaching standards.   Our CCA accreditation assures you that The  Philippine Coach Training  has met the CCA’s stringent requirements and you will receive the highest quality training available.

By choosing Philippine Coach Training you are stating that high quality training is of great value to you and you understand the importance of certification.

“Our Success Conversion Coaching Program follows the strict outline of the 11 core competencies and  ethical standards as defined by the ICF.

By training with the Philippine Coach Training School you will be joining the ranks of thousands of affiliated coaches that have completed a CCA approved program.

All graduate coaches receive and Certified Coaches Alliance ID card and license to use the CCA logo on your marketing materials.  If you have a website you are also provided with a link back to the CCA website showing your accreditation.


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Because we understand that sometimes finances can get in the way of dreams, we have a limited number of coach training scholarships available. Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. More >>

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